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IV Therapy Infusions

We offer IV infusions as a separate service to those not wanting a medical evaluation. Schedule an appointment online and we will have a provider come to your location to administer an IV Infusion.

IV Infusions

  Hydration $200
Normal Saline: Feeling dehydrated after working out, yard work, or working outside? Normal saline is a mixture of salt and water that replaces the most important fluid and electrolyte we sweat out.

  Hangover $250
Normal Saline + anti-nausea: Did you have a long night out with the girls or boys? Not feeling well after an illness? Anti-nausea medication added to normal saline.

  Headache/Nausea $300
Normal Saline + Pain relief + anti-nausea + anti-histamine: Do you deal with reoccurring headaches and nausea? This IV infusion mix is utilized treat these symptoms from all angles.

IV Services
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